Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Where have we been?

So I haven't posted in a while. It's my fault.

We've been on the cusp of having exciting news about the Turning Heads project and All Of The Strands, but not quite there.

I was able to interview the lovely Chel from the Australian Alopecia Aerata Foundation and my next post, later this week, will be about that.

But, in the mean time, what have Redwoods been up to?

1) Doing lots of gigs- thanks to everyone who came out to see us!
2) We have been workshopping some cool new songs- keep an eye out soon to hear Beginning At The End, Part Of Me, Headline To The World, This Is Home, The Fallen And The Broken, This Life, and Little Steps. We're really proud of these songs, they represent a range of different styles and hopefully tell some interesting stories.
3) We're about to start recording again! I don't know if it's going to be another EP, or an album, or what; we're going to muck around with some ideas and see where it takes us!
4) We've tracked drums for All Of The Strands and will begin the next few instruments over the coming weeks. I'm just waiting for some new microphones after my big condensor died.
5) We've met a bunch of really amazing people in the past few months. The folks from White With One, who play an interesting folky whimsical style of music; Redruth, who have one of the best thought-out sounds for a rock/electronica blend that I've ever heard; Stacy, Lina, Chel and Helen from the Turning Heads project, and a bunch of fine folks from SUFM. I can't tell you how exciting it's been

We have another EP in the works call The Cowboy Special, which will have a limited release soon.

But I realised that we only really started Redwoods last year in late September, and the band line-up was only settled in October. In less than a year, we've written close to 30 songs, played a bunch of great gigs, and met some absolutely quality individuals. Personally, the opportunity to create stories and express them musically with a group of my closest friends has been a gift that has unquantifiable value. Finding people who have connected in any way with those stories has been equally phenomenal.

So to all of you out there who have listened to us, and liked our pages, and come to our gigs, allow me to thank you from the bottom of my heart for an amazing year.

Finally, our next big public gig is coming up in October in Ropes Crossing for the BluRopes festival. It's free, is a mad day out, and we'd love to see a bunch of you there to celebrate this humungous year with us. I will bring baked goodies to share, so come and see us afterwards, we can't wait!

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